COD: 307

MOLUB ALLOY® 777 NG greases were designed for very heavy-duty service under severe ambient conditions. They are blended and compounded to withstand shock loads as well as heavy loads, conditions commonly found in the steel and construction industries, in mining and forestry.
• MOLUB ALLOY® 777 NG greases are made with a blend of high-viscosity mineral oils and polymers which produce a tough lubricating film capable of withstanding shock loads and vibrations.
• The shear-stable thickener provides an excellent sealing effect against contamination from the atmosphere, even if mechanical seals are damaged or missing (grease collar in the bearing).
• The lubricating greases contain solid lubricants whose structure is best suited for the rugged conditions in heavy industry. The solids are treated to increase their natural affinity to metal surfaces
• Corrosion and oxidation inhibitors maximize the corrosion protection and aging stability of the base oil.
• 777 NG greases are free of antimony, lead, zinc and other heavy metals.

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